Level 4

ABC skills and Education Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

This course consists of 300 hours over two years plus one hundred hours of supervised client work in an agency, or similar. Classes are held on a Saturday between 10am and 4pm with regular breaks.

Minimum entry requirement: level 2 and 3 certificates in counselling skills. On-line courses or distance learning will not qualify for entry onto the Diploma.

This qualification consists of seven units, 6 of which are marked internally, and externally moderated, and the last is marked externally by ABC examiners.


  • 1- K/601/7629 Professional organisational issues in counselling
  • 2 - D/601/7630 Counselling in a diverse society
  • 3 - K/601/7632 Counselling theory
  • 4 - M/601/7633 Advanced counselling skills
  • 5 - T/601/7634 Self-awareness for counsellor
  • 6 - A/601/7635 Research methodologies in counselling
  • 7 - J/506/9114 Counselling placement

The cost for the level 4 course is £2404 prior to starting the course followed by £2404 in year 2. Or £2474 for year one and £2474 for year two, if paid via our monthly payment plan.

Please enquire for more information.